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Ben Ayed
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30, Rue Chadly Gallala

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Mounir Ben Ayed obtained his “University accreditation” (habilitation research) in computer system engineering from the engineering school of Sfax, Tunisia, in 2013. He has a PhD in biomedical engineering from Paris XII University, France. He also obtained a Post graduate Diploma in Biomedical Engineering from University of Technology of Compiègne, France.
He is Associate Professor in the computer science department of the Faculty of Science, University of Sfax. He teaches mainly DBMS, data warehouse, datamining, software engineering and Human Computer Interaction. His research activities concern Decision Support System based on a Knowledge Discovery from Data process. Most of his research are designed and evaluated in the medical field.
He is author of many papers in international journals and conferences. He also was chair, organization committee member, and technical committee member of many national and international conferences. Among the numerous conferences he organized the “Engineering Sciences for Biology and Medicine”, ESBM’2013 and ESBM’2015.
Mounir Ben Ayed is IEEE member since 2001 and IEEE Senior member since 2013. He created the IEEE-EMBS Tunisia Chapter in 2009. He was Chair of this chapter from 2009 to 2012, Vice Chair from 2013 to 2014 and Chair for the second time for the period: 2015-2016.

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Decision support Systems (DSS)

Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD)

User centered approach

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